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SVINT: Internet Service Provider

SVINT delivers Broadband Internet for home users. We offer braodband plans up to 10 Mb download speed . We also offer unlimited phone plans to meet all your needs!

SVINT is devoted to help business and professionals to improve your phoning and internet experience delivering a professional quality service and experience, , backed by the best personalized support team, and the technical advantages of our technology, such as the dedicated bandwidth .
"Internet provides you with the suitable information, in the appropriate moment, fit on purpose."
-Bill Gates


Internet de Banda Ancha

SVINT puts at your disposal the latest technology to bring to your home the best broadband internet of this day and age, regardless of where your residence is. Check out your coverage in the broadband range map.

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Do you make landline calls? Calls to mobile phones? Calls abroad? We have the unlimited plan you are looking for! Without the need of a landline phone, without binding contracts, and at an unbeatable price. Take advantage of our leading edge technology

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Internet para Empresas

We provide your business with professional quality internet and phone services and the state-of-the-art technology, so you enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds, no download limits and dedicated bandwidth.

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Cobertura de Internet y telefonía

SVINT is in the process of expansion, following an ambitious medium term plan. Check out in our broadband range map if your address is within our internet range coverage.

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Phone: 963 570 948
Troubleshooting: 902 041 125

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