Montserrat Fiber

Try our fiber, surf the web, have fun and enjoy at the light speed.

The SVINT’s fiber is 100% fiber and goes right to your house or work. With our fiber you will enjoy the speed of data transmision, you will download and upload internet contents at high speed.

We differ from others fiber operators because our fiber reaches directly your home or work, while the others operators companies do it to the principal node and then with coaxial cable.

Office: Calle Luís Roca, 4


37 €/month
Download 600 Mb
Upload 600 Mb
Installation free
32 €/month
Download 300 Mb
Upload 300 Mb
Installation free
25 €/month
Download 50 Mb
Upload 50 Mb
Installation free
22 €/month
Download 50 Mb
Upload 5 Mb
Installation free

  • Withoutminimum contract length
  • Subject to coverage
  • Direct and personal atention
  • Phone line is not required for the installation of Optic Fiber,  if it is desired has to increase 6 € in rate (1000 min to national fixed and 150 min mobile)
  • Check our packages with Mobiles
  • Prices include IVA.

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