Professional internet and phoning services

SVINT, S.L. is a global telecommunications enterprise, specialised in phone and internet services. Always devoted with client direct contact, we provide the best experience by adapting to the client needs. We use and offer our own network, which is always expanding. We count on a team of high qualified professionals with ample experience, and above all, we are backed by an amount of loyal clients which increases day in day out. Hire already Internet with real Megabytes all dedicated to your business at a very competitive rate:

Internet para Empresas

A bet for quality

SVINT is an enterprise that provides professional quality internet and phone services using the new wireless technologies. With its settlement in different industry areas, the businesses in the area can satisfy at last their needs on internet connectivity with guarantees. Nowadays, internet is a basic tool for the professional work and management, and as well as having a connection, it is necessary to have a good and reliable service, matched to our professional needs. SVINT bases its quality strategy in three pillars:

  • The upload channel bandwith.
  • The lack of limits for downloads.
  • The dedicated bandwith.

The importance of the upload bandwidth

SVINT bets on a more symmetrical rate, getting closer upload and download speeds, so as to offer a better speed for navigation and for data management as well

The importance of unlimited downloads

SVINT bets on a service with no limits for downloads, an internet service with no holds barred, on the same lines that internet has grown to be the network of networks, in the way that the user can get the most of it.

The importance of the dedicated bandwidth

SVINT bets on a dedicated bandwidth for the businesses without compromising their wallet. The bandwidth hired by each business belongs to the business. The quality of service and the amount of megabytes avalaible in its network is not dependent on the amount of clients hooked on the SVINT network, it is not shared. Read our article “Professional Internet and Phone” to know more about the characteristics and advantages of our professional service. SVINT adapts to the precise needs of each business, studying and analysing each case in its own, to work out the best professional solution that goes with the business. Contact us using the Contact form, send us an email to or call us 963 570 948


37 €/mont
Download 300 Mb
Upload 300 Mb
Installation free (1)
32 €/month
Download 300 Mb
Subida 30 Mb
Installation free (1)
25 €/month
Download 50 Mb
Upload 50 Mb
Installation free (1)
22 €/month
Download 50 Mb
Subida 5 Mb
Installation free (1)
  • Subject to coverage
  • Direct and personal atention
  • Phone line is not required for the installation of Optic Fiber,  if it is desired has to increase 17,50 € in rate (Unlimited calls to wired national destinations and 500 min mobile).
  • (1) The installation fee is €150, which will be free with the compromise to maintain the Optical Fiber 12 months (penalty for early unsubscribe proportional to the time not fulfilled with a maximum amount equal to the subsidized fee)
  • Prices include IVA.