Mobile Phone Service

Welcome to the new age of Svint’s mobile phone

We are already able to offer the new mobile phone’s service, a highly requested service.
We keep responding to the interest shown by customers and users who transmitted the need to have an offer of very competitive mobile phone in front of the major mobile operators.

We start with the following plans:

Mobil Phone 1 GB
8,5 €/month
150 min in calls
1 GB of data
Mobil Phone 2 GB
10,5 €/month
unlimited calls
2 GB of data
Mobil Phone 5 GB
16,5 €/month
unlimited calls
5 GB of data
Mobil Phone 12 GB
22,5 €/month
unlimited calls
12 GB of data
Mobil Phone 30 GB
30 €/month
unlimited calls
30 GB of data

We just added two new plans of 20Gb and 50Gb

Mobil Phone 20 GB
24,5 €/month
unlimited calls
20 GB of data
Mobil Phone 50 GB
33 €/month
unlimited calls
50 GB of data
  • Check the Features Mobile Rates.
  • No call setup.
  • Calls free between customers
  • Subject to Coverage
  • Direct and personalized attention
  • Prices include IVA
If you need further info please fulfill the contact form or send an email to :